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IMES Global, Inc. is engaged in the business of contracting, recruiting professionals and workers, for local and/or overseas work: and to act as agent of individuals or firms in the supply of manpower.

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Choose Filipino. Highly competent and qualified. Flexible at work. Reliable, Very Cooperative. Trustworthy. And Willing to be assigned overseas.

To all accepting companies

Filipino Housekeepers Start of Sending out
(for the accepting company conducting housekeeping services )

■ The housekeeping services by the Filipino was lifted the ban on in national strategic special zones.
■ IMES-G (IMES-G) supplies the Filipino Housekeepers to the accepting company of the housekeeping services.
■ The Philippines is housekeeper powers.
・ The Filipino Housekeepers are given a national qualification in the Philippines, and there are abundant human resources who have high technical standards of housework.
 ・ Filipino housekeeper has been active all over the world.


  1. 1. Screening and evaluating applicants resume to conform with employer’s requirements.
  2. 2. Trade testing of applicants if necessary to be conducted by trade test  centers recognized by  POEA.
  3. 3. Securing overseas exit clearance from POEA.
  4. 4. Providing medical examination required by employer host country conducted in medical clinics accredited by POEA.
  5. 5. Securing visas of contract workers from different embassies and consulate offices whenever necessary.
  6. 6. Providing airfare ticket at reasonable cost should the employer opt to purchase here in Philippines.

POEA Lic. No. 206-LB-070612-R
Sec No. CS200717613
BIR TIN No. 006-917-129

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